The Dattrang International LLP

Established over one decades ago, is committed to the growth and progress of our nation. As the Founder and Chairman of the company, I have watched it grow, from humble beginnings into a force to be reckoned with. It is with a sense of pride and satisfaction that I look back on the years of vigorous effort and struggle. Despite every hardship, every obstacle, our vision remained single-minded and focused, unwavering in its purpose. What we see today are the fruits of those years.

This has been an era of evolution. The world has seen widespread changes sweeping over it, revolutionizing every sphere of life. Most dynamic, however, have been the changes brought in the business environment, transforming it into a high skill and tough competition arena. Simultaneous with global changes, these last decades have seen a spurt of unprecedented growth in the country.

The new millennium has dawned and with it has come new hope, new horizons and new challenges. For this, we owe a great debt of gratitude to our distinguished principals and to our loyal customers. Their continued support, encouragement and belief in us has made our success possible.

God willing, the Dattrang International LLP will continue to uphold the name it has built, a name that is synonymous with quality and excellence in Oman. Success and integrity - our watchwords for the new millennium.